Urban Vault Interviews - Realio Sparkzwell

Urban Vault Interviews – Realio Sparkzwell

Urban Vault caught up with New York based emcee/producer Realio Sparkzwell to ask him some questions about his music, collaborations, and inspirations

Known for his hard-bodied raps and collaborations with his Iron Galaxy Clik cohort, Cannibal Ox, New York’s Realio Sparkzwell showcases his producer chops and penchant for slick wordplay on his brand-new EP, ‘The Main Ingredient‘.

What is your name?

I was born Chris Arcuri, my divine attribute and title of nobility is Ireality El. My artist name is Realio Sparkzwell. I used to go by iRealz/IRealz/Realz which was always a nickname that just carried over into my emcee name.. but I dropped that and everything from now on is Realio Sparkzwell

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Utica NY, but I have been in Syracuse NY since my teens.

How long have you been making music?

I have been making music since I was a kid. I taught myself how to make pause tapes, how to DJ, freestyle, and write rhymes. I was and am completely wholeheartedly living the culture that I love, namely Hip Hop. Salute all true heads out there!

How many songs/albums have you released to date?

There is a lot out there. My first professional song was with Planet Asia on Tone Spliff’s album ‘Authetic’ in 2009/2010 I believe on a track called ‘Understood Perfectly’. I met PA in like 2008 in LA and we linked in the studio after vibing on music. My second track I was invited on was another Tone Spliff track called ‘Most Recognized’ with the late great Sean P (RIP) and Philly’s Baby Blak. This was for Tone Spliff’s ‘Work Ethics’ album. I was also on another song on this album called ‘My Society’ featuring myself, Big Noyd (Mobb Deep), n El Da Sensai (Artifacts). So I was blessed coming in the game. My debut album was with French producer Kyo Itachi entitled IRealz “The Code Of Omerta”. It dropped on Belmont Records in 2011 and featured my bros. Trife Diesel (Wu-Tang/TMF), C Rayz Walz, L.I.F.E.Long, Elohem Starr, my homie Bourne Grimey (Free Bournen Grimey!!!!), and all scratches by Dj Afar. It consists of 14 songs I believe. My sophomore releasewas with Bemont Records again and it is titled IRealz ‘Solar Flarez’ and it consist of 24 tracks. Solar Flarez featured the homie Trife Diesel again, Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang), my bro Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), Jean Grae, Copywrite, n more. It dropped in 2012. I loosely dropped a mixtape/abum called Realz ‘Everybody Hates Realz’ which was a lot of songs that never made albums or projects but were still official so I dropped that on my own on www.realz.bandcamp.com. When Solar Flarez was dropping my bros Cannibal Ox were reuniting to do music again. We starting touring together from 2012 til present day on and off. I am a part of the Can Ox crews Iron Galaxy Clik and Crimson Godz and Cheef Rockaz. I was featured on the critically acclaimed Cannibal Ox album ‘Blade Of The Ronin’ in 2015 on a monster track called ‘Sabertooth’. In 2017 I dropped Realz ‘Blue Lion Chamber’ on Chambermusik/Thrice Great Records which was fully produced by Wu affiliate producer Falling Down. ‘Blue Lion Chamber’ features Killarmy’s Beretta 9, Dom Pacino, 9th Prince, Dainjamental, Bugsy Da God, fellow Killa Bee Solomon Childs, and the big homie Vast Aire. Over the years I have been recording many projects and songs, now I’m just getting ready to strategically drop these jewels now as Realio Sparkzwell, which has been an aka for a while now.

Can you tell us about your new song/album, the background, and inspirations behind it?

I was finishing up 2 new projects and was digging through samples. I had multiple samples from the soul/R&B group The Main Ingredient. I really dig their sound so I decided to do a quick Ep using their music and dedicating to them as a tribute artwork. I chopped up the samples and wrote the Ep in less than a week’s time and I recorded it and executive produced and premixed it in less – than 4 hours. I’m proud of how it came out.

Who have you collaborated with so far in your Career?

Planet Asia, Sean Price, El Da Sensai, Big Noyd, Cannibal Ox, C Rayz Walz, Copywrite, Jean Grae, 9 th Prince, Dom Pacino, Beretta 9 aka Kinetic 9, Solomon Childs, Trife Diesel, Dainjamental, Bugsy Da God, and I can’t think right now, but there is more I’m sure.. and more to come. I got some ill ones already done that are on deck. I’ll just say I was recently invited on 2 songs featuring one of the original Wu-Tang. One for one of Solomon Childs new projects and one for one of my own new albums I’m finishing now with producer Falling Down. We got some treats coming.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

To be honest, I been more focused on working on music dolo lately. I’m not really focused on colabo’s. Don’t get me wrong, if your music is fire and we have chemistry musically and it happens naturally, I’m all in. But I want my fans to feel me and my music without having features too. But I would collab with anyone that makes sense like sometimes I make a song and I’m like yo, I can hear such and such on it.. I might reach out at that point. To answer the question tho… I want to collab with whoever when it happens on an organic level and we making that fire.

What inspires you when you make your music?

Life inspires me, I have PTSD and music is a great form of release and therapy for me. I am inspired by instrumental landscapes which generate a sincere feeling within that help me to pull out inspiration to write. I also love to dig for samples, chop samples, and make beats. I’m completely inspired by the greats of our Hip Hop culture and in turn one day maybe I will inspire others, inshaAllah

How have you ended up in the music industry?

I think just because I have a great love and passion for Hip Hop and the universe aligned certain things to pop off for me. Now it’s up to me to show and prove and pump out my best artwork to contribute to this great culture.

What did you think of the music industry in 2017?

I’m more concerned with just making great music, great artwork that people can feel and relate and vibe with. The industry is the industry and industry rule number 4080 Record company business is shady. You got culture vultures tryna blood suck the poor for this music. I’m more concerned with the culture. Fuck the industry. Fuck the politics! Salute all real heads worldwide!

What have you got planned for 2018?

I have a lot planned inshaAllah. I am actually overwhelmed with how much work I have been doing and striving to finish up. My solo’s coming out as Realio Sparkzwell ‘The Top Emblem’ full album, ‘Bloody Luciano’ full album, Loosies Out The Bundy Ep, a new album coming with Kyo Itachi, another one with producer Falling Down, another with Dj/Producer Dj Audas from Chile, a project with producer Clypto, not too mention projects with Vast Aire and the crew Crimson Godz and Cheef Rockaz albums..The work never ends.. it’s like I got to get all this out before I die, it’s a constant feeling and motivation to complete these art pieces.

What’s your favorite track at the moment?

Ahh man, shit I gotta think about it……. Hmmmm… there is a lot of official joints out man.. I’m just too wrapped up in my own whirlwind.

What do you do when your not making music?

Surviving brother, surviving in this wicked cold world bro…

Facebook or Twitter?

Yo, first and foremost go pre-order the Limited Edition Collector’s Vinyl Realio Sparkzwell ‘The Main Ingredient’ EP. We need 100 pre-orders in order for it to release on Vinyl, we just reached the halfway mark. Support authentic craftsmanship and get yours via pre-order HERE.

In a few words sum up your thoughts about Urban Vault and what we’re trying to do?

I respect what ya’ll are doing by spreading the word for the culture indeed. Salute! Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your time and may you carry on making dope, fresh music….