Pete Santos ft. Sara Sayed - Fame, Power, Love (Music Video/iTunes/Spotify)

Pete Santos ft. Sara Sayed – Fame, Power, Love (Music Video/iTunes/Spotify)

Currently, residing in Finland, U.S. born recording artist Pete Santos drops music video his track, FAME, LOVE, POWER, featuring the vocals of Sara Sayed

Pete Santos is an American emcee, singer, and songwriter whose music is a blend of Hip Hop, soul, pop and dance music. Growing up on the move, living in too many places almost, has influenced his perspective on the world and it translates into his music. He is all about influencing people and spreading positivity in his lyrics that describe real people and real events. His music appeals to both the youth and the mature – you can bump it in your car, play it at parties and dance, or just relax and ponder on the music.

Santos was born in New Haven, CT. He is African American as well as Cape Verdean. As an Air Force brat in the U.S., he has lived on the East coast, the West coast, and down south. He’s found homes in different places in Europe as well.

As seen in his lyrics, he enjoys talking about what is happening around him and in the world the way he observes it. Some of his Hip Hop influences have been ODB, Mobb Deep, Group Home, Hurricane G, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Eminem, Outkast, Young MC, Kanye West, De La Soul, Black Star, Christon Gray, and Busta Rhymes.

Currently, he lives in Finland. Santos feels that seeing and having lived in so many different environments and cultures have given him a unique context to his American upbringing.

‘Fame, Power, Love’ is upbeat, danceable, and emblems through the title three words what ‘Fame, Power, Love’ contains for a rapper.

The first verse, ‘Fame‘, relishes music greats, and one great who sneaks onto the mentions by his association with a g.o.a.t in the music game who’s a g.o.a.t in his own game.

The second verse, ‘Love‘, discusses a scene that can happen at any time in the life of a rapper.

The third verse, ‘Power‘, goes into what rappers/music artists face as a result of the acquisitions obtained through talent and blessings.

Pete Santos ft. Sara Sayed – Fame, Power, Love via iTunes/Spotify