Oxymorrons - Brunch (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Oxymorrons – Brunch (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Queens, New York’s Oxymorrons host a new kind of BRUNCH, with Cap’n Crunch & Mimosas

Hell-bent on changing the perception of ‘urban’ music, Oxymorrons have cultivated a signature sound that seamlessly blends Hip Hop and rock. The philosophy of these genre-benders is to be unapologetically yourself, and that message is perfectly exemplified in their banger new single ‘Brunch’.

The track, which dropped today, is from their highly anticipated upcoming new project ‘Gateway Drug’ and was produced by Hustle Standard and mixed by Grammy-winning music maker Ken Lewis (Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars).

“The song is a beacon for those who live by the beat of their own drum” – HYPEBEAST.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, the band shared,

“Brunch’ is our anthem about living unapologetically and doing what you love. We wanted to write a record that broke all the rules and pushed boundaries while encouraging people to liberate themselves and not give a fuck”.

Oxymorrons – Brunch via iTunes/Spotify