Danya Black - Warning (Music Video)

Danya Black – Warning (Music Video)

Danya Black returns with new single WARNING, ahead of her new EP BIRD OF PREY, set for release in 2018

‘Warning’ is an 808 heavy, trap style R&B song with a splash of rock guitars, which in part was influenced by the classic R&B Danya grew up listening to. The edgy soundtrack and soulful softer vocals makes for an interesting juxtaposition, and it bridges the gap between generations with its universal message.

‘Warning’ despite its melancholy undertones is a love song. It is about building something special with someone, a celebration of happiness and the bonding between two people:

“Without warning, the moment I saw you, I fell head over heels in love”.

Born and raised in South London, Danya Black has been singing, rapping and performing since the age of 10. Despite having a fashion industry background after studying at the University of the Arts, she has always been a singer/songwriter at heart. Danya’s EP ‘Bird of Prey’ is reflective of life as she knows it – she describes it as,

“An introduction to herself as an artist and musically a taster of what’s to come”.