Zeecs - Chasin' (Music Video)

Zeecs – Chasin’ (Music Video)

Long Island-based Zeecs and member of the group, HipHopHeads, recently released his new music video, CHASIN’

Zeecs was born on Long Island, New York. He spent most of his youth, growing up in an area most known for its commercial boating/fishing on the north shore of Port Jefferson station. Along with going back and forth across the Atlantic he also lived in England for a few years, which could be a big reason why he understands the diversity of what people are looking for on a bigger scale, rather than just in the United States.

Since his Hip Hop career debut in 2014, Zeecs has become an artist so diverse, it’s hard to say what category of Hip-Hop he belongs in. From old school boom bap to an underground hardcore sound, he always seems to be comfortable with his records no matter what production is thrown his way.

“I love all different sounds, sticking with only one leaves too much on the table,” – Zeecs says.

Being in the Industry for less than 5 years, he has already shared the stage with some of the most respected and talented Artists in the game. (R.A. The Rugged Man, Sage Francis, Demmerick, Diabolic, Sean Strange, Onyx, Lil Reese, Lil Durk, Made in Tokyo and Strange Music artists CES Cru, ¡Mayday!, and Rittz).

Zeecs describes new the visual, “This song is about the inner struggle of myself, as an artist. Am I ever going to make it? Should I give up? And how far am I willing to take this?”