Adilson Evora - Dilla X Dilly [Timeless Freestyle] (Audio)

Adilson Evora – Dilla X Dilly [Timeless Freestyle] (Audio)

Rotterdam, Netherlands based recording artist Adilson Evora, pays tribute to the late, great J Dilla (7th February 1974 – 10th February 2006) with his new track, DILLA X DILLY (TIMELESS FREESTYLE)

Adilson Evora felt inspired to write something to the beat created by the late great J Dilla, who inspired a lot of people around the globe including himself, so as an artist coming out of Europe he just wanted to create something for Dilla month/weekend and ‘Dilla X Dilly (Timeless Freestyle)’ was born.

Rising Dutch Hip Hop/Street Soul artist Adilson Evora introduced himself and showcased his creativity on his 2014 debut ep ‘From Sunup Till Son Down‘. On the project, he not only raps and sings but he also produced the majority of the tracks.

The Rotterdam born songwriter is best known for his ability to write creative hooks and his natural way of blending thought-provoking raps with heartfelt vocals.

From performances in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Cologne (Germany) and Moscow (Russia), to airplay on MTV (Portugal) with his feature on DJ Ride’s track ‘Move’, Adilson Evora (formerly known as Concept) is ready to introduce his sound and to be a part of the elevation and growth of Hip Hop music.