Uprise Audio Presents: Indiji – Surgeon EP (UA014/23/10/15)

The Uprise Audio team is shining a spotlight on one of their notorious and clever artists: Indiji. After the team’s prime vibrations coming from Juss B’s solo ‘Vain’ EP and the already successful ‘7 Days’ EP by their artist roster, everything is ready to serve the news about UA014.

October 23rd is all about exploring Indiji’s best tracks to date. These give rise to his old-schooled and now favourited sound. This four-tracker ties all knots together, giving insight in the world of Indiji: his ‘Surgeon’ EP.

EP titler ‘Surgeon’ builds up tension with a dreading lead behaving like an evil drone. The atmosphere dragged along with it infects the track’s internal helix, while constantly forcing muddy pressure at immersive levels. Stripped- to-the-bone percs and a swerving synth catch up to fuel an enigmatic tale of fury. It effectively pushes a harsh mind- set embedded in a blend of half-step and break-beat systems – without Indiji and Uprise Audio sticking to any type of commandments.

Indiji’s ‘Establishment’ focuses exclusively on rough snares, hypnotising heftiness and surreal proximities. It underlines the producer’s ability to place and accentuate specific elements that simply matter most. One example is hazy background sounds forming a deadly fume that invades every inch of space. Tied together with sharp transients and strong amplitude, forms the producer’s signature formula that will remind you of Indiji’s down to earth ‘Darknet’ affaire out on UA007.

With ‘Politiks’, the producer pays homage to his infamous wobbles, tight delay-times and icey vocal discharges. The track represents a temper that doesn’t speak peace of mind, yet it declares an audial war. All of this helps building towards recognisable Indiji material, which is an excellent fit to Uprise Audio’s existing/future catalogue. Listeners that frequently cross the sound of Tempa’s LX One and J:Kenzo will love this futurebounding madstone.

Vacuum’ as EP closer is the wobblyest heatseeker out of the whole bunch. Its title reveals much about the synth’s orbiting character, filling up the fierce stereo image with insanity. Indiji hereby proclaims his forward-thinking half-step maneuvers that leaves listeners with a victorious high. This is one of the reasons why this artist’s sound is wanted and signed by the Uprise Audio imprint. With their mutual and foremost love for raging beats and bass weight, shared grounds make up for a tight release.

23rd October – All Stores