DeLon – Stronger (Audio)

DeLon is a breath of fresh air in an industry that has produced a countless number of carbon copies. The Los Angeles rapper/producer began the journey for his ‘Awake’ EP with the release of his ‘For Real’ music video late last year. The visual provided a social commentary on what’s happening in our world today while featuring provocative scenes of DeLon portraying a plastic surgeon completing unnecessary procedures on model Sydney A. Maler and actress Estrella Nouri of 2 Broke Girls, among others.

Back once again, the award-winning artist/producer’s latest work comes to us in the form of the second official single from his forthcoming EP, ‘Awake’. ‘Stronger’ finds DeLon expressing his views on life yet again, but this time his witty wordplay comes from a place of integrity as he details his faith in working hard for what you want. A visual is already finisher for DeLon’s new single and you can expect the cinematic flick to arrive in the coming weeks.