The Entire Jazz Jousters Season One (Free Download)

That’s right, you can now get the complete Jazz Jousters Season One for free right HERE or by clicking one of the ten album covers below and going directly to it’s page to download it. If you’re new to our pages and haven’t had the time to scroll through a lot of our archive you’re truly in for a treat.

In season one of the Jousters sessions they did tributes to some of the Jazz greats and released a whole album every two weeks. Yes that’s right, every fourteen days they made a brand new album while all of the group used the same sample to experiment with and then listen to each others different approaches to beat making and the various ways of using a sample.

They’re currently working out our fifth season which will be introduced later on, but feel free to check out their latest album, Locations – England. It was released just days ago as the finale for season four which was their ten part Locations cassette tape series. They will return and do another Locations series, or possibly in season five.

Jazz Jousters - Chet Baker Tributes 1
The Jazz Jousters Meets Bob Brookmeyer
Mirrors - The Jazz Jousters Vibes With Bobby Hutcherson
The Jazz Jousters - Some Other Time - The Jazz Jousters digs Bill Evans
Summertime - Stan Getz With The Jazz Jousters
The Jazz Jousters in Harmony with Chick Corea
Granted - The Jazz Jousters salutes Grant Green
Many Miles - The Jazz Jousters interprets Miles Davis
Tonight - Ella Fitz The Jazz Jousters
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