Mic Righteous ft. Tone & Vivienne Westwood – Be There X Intellectuals Unite (Audio) + Dreamland (Album Pre-Order)

Intellectuals Unite/Be There is a coming together of two notable voices campaigning for activism and change, when those around them fail to do so. Be There begins with Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Intellectuals Unite Climate Revolution’ rap, her assessment on the current state of migration, perpetual war and the floods and hurricanes being overpassed or falsified by the media. The powerful introduction urges listeners to speak with one voice at a time when,

“Everyone is talking but only our Map gives the complete picture”.

A poignant reference to the Climate Revolution map that conveys the land mass that will become uninhabitable if the earth’s temperature continues to rise so rapidly due to runaway climate change.

Singer Tone delivers a mesmerizing chorus that builds up to a fearless verse from Mic who speaks on how being a first generation immigrant has shaped his personal and professional life,

“I never knew my roots like a fruit that’s seedless,” goes in depth about his current state “I ain’t who I used to be, ever since I come up in this music scene, maybe cause I’m under all this scrutiny” and his upbringing “I couldn’t follow my faith I was out on my own, stray pup and my house holds out of control”.

Mic had already cemented himself as one of the most vital voices in British urban music but since announcing ‘Dreamland’ tracks such as ‘Survivor‘ and ‘2005‘ have already delved into the refugee crisis and current affairs as well as painting a the most personal picture of Mic Righteous to date. ‘Dreamland’ is a one of a kind release and Vivienne Westwood being on Be There is a welcomed moment and one that Mic looks forward to sharing with his audience.

“It has been a pleasure working with not only a cultural icon but more importantly a woman of such passion and integrity. Vivienne and I genuinely care about making a change in this world and saving our planet. I was fortunate enough to meet Vivienne and her team at The Climate March and I was taken aback but the level of enthusiasm to work together.”

“It feels great to be recognized for standing for something. Topics we all feel equally passionate about. When I met Vivienne at the Climate March I never thought she would be featuring on my album, and I sure didn’t think she had bars. I can’t lie I was completely gassed when I was in the studio. Not just Vivienne’s lyrics but the delivery. FIRE!!”

“Becoming part of Intellectuals Unite movement has made me feel that my role in the UK and International rap scene has become one of greater importance. That now there is an even greater importance behind the message I portray through my lyrics.” – Mic Righteous

All royalties from Vivienne’s Intellectuals Unite piece will be going to the charity Refugee Council.

‘DREAMLAND’ (Expected Release: 28th October 2016)
Dreamland‘ is metaphorically a reflection of society in the UK It’s familiar for being a famous theme park in Margate that used to have thousands of people travel to it and ensured the seaside was a thriving town and holiday resort for people all over the country. Like all good things, it came to and end. People stopped going to Margate which lead to Mic’s home town being largely boarded up, people not being able to get jobs and the area becoming a far from pleasant place to live. ‘Survivor’ was the first single taken from the album and was premiered by MistaJam on BBC Radio 1Xtra to announce its release with the visual later following on Complex UK The second track ‘2005’ premiered on Link Up TV.