Lee Ricks ft. Che Uno & DJ Fellbaum - Gwan (Prod. by Wyze Intellect/Audio)

Lee Ricks ft. Che Uno & DJ Fellbaum – Gwan (Prod. by Wyze Intellect/Audio)

Looking for Hip Hop? Producer Wyze Intellect from Collingwood Ontario and Scarborough, Ontario based emcee Lee Ricks of Trpl-R offer their second single release from the upcoming LP, NEK BRACE MUZIK, titled GWAN

Representing one half of Trpl-R, Lee Ricks was first observed in Sept of 2014 appearing in the debut video by Trpl-R, ’90’s Bak’ featuring Kirk Steele. Directed by Reel Wolf Productions the Official Video had eyes on the pen strong lyricist since day 1. Lee Ricks has continued to obtain noteworthy credentials with well-executed performances on a handful of releases with consistency, authenticity and a unique cadence on every record. Lyricism builds the infrastructure of this boom bap poet as he continues to spawn fans with his solo Ep ‘Punchlinez At Lunchtime’ driven by backing singles ‘Break Neks’, ‘Stay iLL’, and ‘Flo Style’.

More recently you can find Lee Ricks alongside veteran heavy hitters, Planet Asia, Ruste Juxx, Buckshot and Toronto MC, Conscious Thought of Bangerville to name a few. He can also be found featuring with contributions on 3 singles appearing on the acclaimed miseries, ‘M.ade I.n C.anada’ Vol 8 & Vol 9 to mention a few high lights.

Credited producers Lee Ricks has worked with include Lord Gamma, Showdown Beatz, Wyze Intellect and Toronto’s own powerhouse production duo The Quarter Inch Kings along with Nu Aira, B.K. Beats, Mike Dubbs and more. Get familiar with the expanding catalog of Lee Ricks as we await the approaching ‘Nek Brace Muzik’ LP produced entirely by Wyze Intellect led by singles ‘WARNING‘ featuring Die-Rek & ‘GWAN’.

‘Gwan’ featuring Che Uno of Trpl-R/Los Poetas and Germany’s DJ Fellbaum is out now on Soundcloud with a free DJ Pack on Bandcamp and Mediafire.

Cover art by CuraDesigns. Photo credit to Creature Vision. Video by Creature Vision is in the works!