Marley Pitch - ASPHALT EP (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

Marley Pitch – ASPHALT EP (Audio/iTunes/Spotify)

ASPHALT is Marley Pitch’s last response to 2017, a recap reel if you will. It is also a montage of the heights of his creativity and pitfalls of his humanity

On this 6 song EP, you find him questioning to eventually accepting his sexuality, redefining his masculinity, takes us through the lowest parts of his depression, substance abuse, friction within his family, friendships and with love.

Though it’s his last thoughts of the year it feels like a culmination of his whole life up until this point somehow. This is the first time a body of work from him has a truly cohesive sound and premise. The whole gist of the project is to show you what the journey to rock bottom or ‘Hitting the Asphalt’ and then rising up from it, accepting the scars that came from it and wearing them like a badge is like.

Sonically it feels like there are tinges of shimmering innocence but over a very mature and cynical backdrop. At times it’s hard to tell if he’s actually still in those places he’s speaking of or just recapping it for you. I guess that’s the secret to his delivery.

This is definitely looking like his best work to date. And his debut album ‘GLITTER RAP’ comes forth in 2018.

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